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Aerial view of Oulu in summer.
Aerial view of the city of Oulu in summer.

Heat pumps

We offer heat pump solutions for large properties, companies, and housing cooperatives. Whether you are looking for an air-to-water heat pump, ground source heat pump, or exhaust air heat pump, we will determine the right solution for your property together with you.

A heat pump is an energy efficient solution that helps you reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated from heating your property. With a heat pump, you can either partially or completely heat your property, depending on the purpose and location of the property.

Our selection of heat pumps

Air-to-water heat pump: Utilises heat from the outside air and transfers it to a hydronic heating system, such as underfloor heating or radiators. Also well-suited for heating domestic water.

Ground source heat pump: Collects heat energy from soil, a water body, or bedrock. Very energy efficient and suitable for both heating and cooling.

Exhaust air heat pump: Utilises the heat energy from the building’s exhaust air to heat both indoor air and domestic water. Works best in new buildings and energy-efficient houses.

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Air-to-water heat pump

An air-to-water heat pump utilises the energy from the outdoor air in the heating of indoor air and domestic water.

We offer the implementation of the entire project as a turnkey service, from the very first plans to commissioning.

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Exhaust air heat pump

An exhaust air heat pump supports the main heating system. It harnesses the surplus heat released from the property into the outside air.

A winning solution can be found by combining ground source heating or district heating with an exhaust heat pump.

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Ground source heat pump

Ground source heat is energy stored in the ground, bedrock, and water, which is utilised with the help of a ground source heat pump.

We offer our customers system- and energy-based deliveries.

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Implementing energy solutions for new and renovated buildings

Our service covers system installation, commissioning, and user training. In addition, we offer a service to balance out the heating network and the ability to sign a maintenance contract, which guarantees a carefree experience. Depending on the site, we offer the delivery of the system as a one-time investment or as an energy supply contract for a period of 10–15 years, for example.

The site can be a new building or a renovation site. In the case of a new building, a modern heating system is a significant part of energy efficiency and sustainable development. We also encourage looking into the best possible environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternatives when planning to renovate an older building.