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Lake in sunset.
Lake in sunset.

Ground source heat

Ground source heat refers to the energy that is bound to the soil, bedrock, and water, that can be utilized using a ground source heat pump. As a renewable resource, ground source heat is an environmentally friendly heating method. It can be used to reduce the costs of heating spaces and domestic water by 60–80% compared to oil heating and direct electric heating. Housing companies and other large properties gain the best economic benefit of energy produced by a heat pump system.

Ground source heat is an energy source with many benefits

Ground source heat should be considered for the savings and comfort it provides when planning a new construction or renovating a property to be energy-efficient. A ground source heat pump generates heat evenly in the winter and provides cool air during hot summers. It is also a more carefree heating method compared to combustion-based heating methods, such as oil and wood heating. In addition to producing high-quality heat, the energy produced by the sun and stored in the soil and bedrock is better for the environment and saves on heating costs. There are no particulate emissions released into the air and the process of producing energy from the ground for the property to use is environmentally friendly. If a property has oil or direct electric heating, the savings in heating costs can be seen immediately.

Do some or all of the possible benefits describe your plans, and is your property located in the Oulu economic area? Contact us to design an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating method for your property.

Property buyers value ecological ground source heat

A ground source heating system also makes for a good sales pitch when selling a property. The importance of environmental considerations has increased and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Other eco-friendly energy systems, such as solar panels and solar collectors, can also be connected to a ground source heating system.

When aiming to improve the usability of a property and increase its value, it is worth exploring the use of ground source heat. In euros, the costs compared to oil heating would decrease by approximately 60–80%, depending on whether the heat distribution of the property has been carried out using radiators or underfloor heating. In terms of the quality and energy efficiency of heat, the best combination is ground source heat and water-based underfloor heating.

Contact our specialists for help with investing in sustainable development and the future when planning a construction or renovation project. We survey, dimension, and plan the utilization of ground source heat at your property, taking energy efficiency into account as much as possible in relation to the operating costs.

How is ground source heat implemented?

Ground source heat stored in the soil and bedrock can be utilized regardless of the size of a property. Vertical energy wells are used for smaller properties, and on larger properties, such as farms, the pipes can be installed horizontally. After installing the pipes, we will finalize the yard, leaving behind no sign of the new system.

In order to utilize ground source heat, there must be a sufficiently large accumulator room or similar technical utility room inside the building. Most ground source heat pumps are approximately the size of a refrigerator. In addition to the heating unit, the water accumulator and domestic water back accumulator require some space.

When considering a ground source heat pump, you, as the property owner, do not have to acquire the basic information about factors such as the composition of the soil or the suitability of the plot and the building for ground source heating. Because we want to ensure the correct dimensioning and design at the same time, all you have to do is to contact our specialist. We provide a turnkey service in the Oulu region that includes everything from planning to finalizing the yard.

Benefits of a ground source heat pump:

  • a 60–80% reduction in heating costs for indoor spaces and domestic water compared to oil or direct electric heating
  • ground source heat is a renewable energy source
  • more carefree and environmentally friendly than combustion-based heating systems
  • provides consistent heat throughout the year
  • a ground source heat system allows the use of complementary systems, such as solar panels
  • increases the value of the property

Contract models for ground source heating

You can choose between two different contract models.

  • A system delivery includes a carefully designed and dimensioned ground source heat system as a one-time investment. As an additional service, we offer a maintenance and service contract, in which we will remain responsible for the proper functioning of the system on your behalf for the duration of the contract.
  • In an energy-based delivery, we renovate your heating system and provide energy for a 15-year contract period, for example, that includes maintenance and operation. At the end of the contract period for the energy-based delivery, the equipment will be transferred to your ownership.

It is also sensible to balance the heating network when renovating a heating system.

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