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A young woman leans out of a car window on a summer evening.
A young woman leans out of a car window on a summer evening at the seaside.

Other heating solutions

We supply heat pump solutions for housing companies and large properties in Northern Finland. Heat pumps are particularly suitable for buildings that do not have district heating available, but where there is a desire for the heating system to be environmentally friendly.

Heat pumps for housing companies and large properties

Heat pumps are an excellent option for heating spaces and domestic hot water when district heating is not available and you want to replace heating based on oil or night-time electricity. Heat pumps have several advantages for housing companies and large properties. The cost savings are significant, and heat pumps are also ecological. In addition, heat pumps can also be used for cooling, increasing the comfort of living.

Heat pumps for new and renovated buildings

We supply ground source, air-to-water, and exhaust air heating systems in the Oulu economic area. Our service covers installation, implementation, and user training. We also offer the ability to stabilize the heating network and to sign a maintenance contract that guarantees carefree operation. Depending on the project, we offer delivery of the system as a one-time investment or as an energy supply contract with a 10–15 year contract period, for example.

The systems are available for both new and renovated buildings. A modern heating system is an important part of the energy efficiency and sustainability of new buildings. We also encourage identifying environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternatives when planning to renovate old buildings. Often, a heat pump is a good option for heating larger spaces and quantities of water.

Ground source heat

Ground source heat refers to the energy that is bound to the soil, bedrock, and water, that can be utilized using a ground source heat pump. As a renewable resource, ground source heat is an environmentally friendly heating method. It can be used to reduce the costs of heating spaces and domestic water by 60–80% compared to oil heating and direct electric heating. Housing companies and other large properties gain the best economic benefit of energy produced by a heat pump system.

Air-to-water heat pumps

An air-to-water heat pump is a full-scale heating system, as opposed to an air source heat pump, which will be more familiar to many. The system utilizes energy from the outside air for heating spaces and domestic water. An air-to-water heat pump system can cut heating costs in half for properties heated using oil and night-time electric storage heating.

Exhaust air heat pumps

It is advisable to install an exhaust air heat pump to utilize the waste energy exiting the roof into the open air when the roof of an apartment building that has a roof ventilator is being renovated, for example. This allows for savings up to 40–70% in the district heating and water heating costs of an apartment building, depending on the general energy efficiency of the location. An exhaust air heat pump recirculates the heat produced for heating an apartment building, creating cost savings!