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The feet of a running toddler on a tiled floor.
The feet of a running toddler on a tiled floor.

Air-to-water heat pumps

An air-to-water heat pump is a full-scale heating system, as opposed to an air source heat pump, which will be more familiar to many. The system utilizes energy from the outside air for heating spaces and domestic water. An air-to-water heat pump system can cut heating costs in half for properties heated using oil and night-time electric storage heating.

The ecological air-to-water heat pump

Deploying an an air-to-water heat pump system is cheaper than acquiring ground source heat. Of course, a system that draws its energy from the outside air requires a parallel heating method in severe frost, but modern outdoor units can still produce heat at a temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to prepare for freezing mid-winter temperatures by temporarily complementing the heat production with another method, such as electrical heating. Even with the use of a complementary parallel heating system, heating costs are usually cut approximately in half.

As a cheaper system than ground source heat, air-to-water heating is also a suitable investment for smaller housing companies to reduce the cost of oil heating and direct electric heating. An air-to-water heating system is also an environmentally friendly alternative.

At its best, the air-to-water heat pump is a substitute for oil heating

The service life and reliability of an air-to-water heat pump correspond to the life cycle and ease of maintenance of a ground source heat pump. It is suitable for both industrial and residential buildings, and is also a good option when there is no space for the heat well or horizontal piping of ground source heat on a property, or if the property has a particularly thick topsoil layer.

The air-to-water heat pump as a heating method is at its best when it is time to replace oil heating in a housing company or a commercial property.

How to use an air-to-water heat pump

An air-to-water heating system looks the same as an air source heat pump: It has an outdoor unit that draws in energy from the outside air and an indoor unit with an accumulator. Unlike an air source heat pump, the system heats a building's water-based heat distribution system and domestic water.

As our customer, you do not have to think about factors such as the location of the outdoor and indoor units, submitting the floor plans of the building, or the amount of space and water to be heated. All you have to do is contact our expert. They will explain how we can get an environmentally friendly air-to-water heat pump on your property. They can also suggest other energy-efficient systems suitable for your property.

An easy way to get an air-to-water heat pump that is guaranteed to work

Our professional installation work ensures the efficient operation of the air-to-water heat pump. In addition, we know from experience the characteristics of the equipment, allowing us to also provide user instructions. This guarantees the desired benefits and the best utilization of the heating system's features.

In the Oulu economic area, we can provide a turnkey service for the entire implementation of the project, from the initial plans all the way through to usage. As an additional service, we offer a maintenance and service contract, during which we ensure the proper functioning of the system on your behalf.

Benefits of an air-to-water heat pump in brief:

  • a cheaper up-front investment compared to ground source heat
  • reduces heating costs by 50%
  • does not require any excavation
  • environmentally friendly
  • suitable for most properties

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