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A play-age child lies on his stomach in front of a sofa and a cat sniffs the floor next to him.
A play-age child lies on his stomach in front of a sofa and a cat sniffs the floor next to him.

Exhaust air heat pumps

It is advisable to install an exhaust air heat pump to utilize the waste energy exiting the roof into the open air when the roof of an apartment building that has a roof ventilator is being renovated, for example. This allows for savings up to 40–70% in the district heating and water heating costs of an apartment building, depending on the general energy efficiency of the location. An exhaust air heat pump recirculates the heat produced for heating an apartment building, creating cost savings!

An exhaust air heat pump is a system that complements other heating methods

When planning renovations or repairs for an apartment building or other high-rise building, it is worth exploring the possibility of installing an exhaust air heat pump. The main prerequisite is having a roof ventilator. Ideally, there would be one ventilation exhaust pipe on the roof. In this case, the exhaust air heat pump can collect and return warm air for re-use in a very cost-effective manner.

An exhaust air heat pump complements the main heating system. In most cases, the heating of the site is carried out with district heating or, in more modern locations, using ground source heat. In both cases, an exhaust air heat pump is not only an environmentally friendly complementary system but also one that creates cost savings. The combination of ground source heat and heat recovery is a great choice.

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Delivery of exhaust air heat pumps

The ideal location for an exhaust air heat pump is in a tall building located in the Oulu region with one roof ventilator and no existing heat recovery from ventilation. Even if not all the above criteria are met, you should still contact our specialists if your housing company is undergoing renovations. For each case, we will conduct a free initial survey, specifying all smaller and larger requirements at that point. As the project progresses, the contractor responsible for HVAC planning will define, in connection with other planning, how the recovered exhaust air will be reused: Will the piping be brought in from outside the building or by utilizing the elevator shaft, for example?

Within the Oulu district heating network, the return of investment period for the system varies between 12 and 16 years, depending on the location.

Benefits of an exhaust air heat pump in brief:

  • reduces consumption costs of district heating by 40–70%
  • reuses already generated heat
  • produces consistent heat almost all year round
  • environmentally friendly
  • increases the energy efficiency brought on by renovation projects such as the roof renovation of an apartment building

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