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Oulun Keilahalli chose carbon-neutral district heating

Oulun Keilahalli updated its district heating contract to be carbon-neutral in order to reduce emissions caused by the company's business operations. In the future, the pins will be struck and the billiard balls will fall into the pocket in a hall warmed in a carbon-neutral way.

Oulun Keilahalli, located in Heinäpää, and whose business has been running for half a century, is a well-known place of entertainment for many people in Oulu. There are activities in Keilahalli for all ages – the premises include a restaurant, a bowling alley, a billiards hall, and a sauna, which are now heated in an even more environmentally friendly way with carbon-neutral district heating.

Carbon-neutral district heat is produced in Oulun Energia's own power plants using renewable fuels, waste and surplus energy. It is a more responsible heating choice, which does not emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Carbon-neutral heat is easy on the wallet

Oulun Keilahalli wants to contribute to building a sustainable future. Keilahalli's CEO Mikko Lahtela heard about the new product through cooperation.


“We want to do our part for the climate. The choice was easy, as the price difference to so-called 'normal' district heating is small,” Lahtela says.


The heating costs of Keilahalli increased by only a few tens of euros per month. Even nationally, district heating in Oulu is inexpensive.

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Oulun Keilahalli's CEO Mikko Lahtela found it easy to switch to carbon-neutral district heating.

Heating choice as part of responsible action

Mikko Lahtela found it easy to switch to carbon-neutral district heating. “Updating the contract was easy – it was done with one e-mail and an electronic signature,” he says, praising the process. Lahtela recommends the product to all companies. “I think companies of all kinds and sizes could change their heating methods to be more environmentally friendly. I recommend it to anyone who cares about the state of nature.”

The bowling alley's customers are also interested in how the company contributes to the environment. Carbon-neutral district heat Onni is part of the company's continuum of responsible actions. In the bowling alley, all waste is sorted, and worn mechanical bowling gear parts are refurbished for reuse.


Did you know?

You can upgrade your district heating contract to carbon-neutral or choose Onni - carbon-neutral district heating when acquiring a district heating connection.