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Power plants

The basis of our energy production is our own power plants, where we produce Northern power with more than 130 years of experience. With our own energy production, we respond to the growth in energy demand, develop the circular economy, and strengthen the vitality of the region. Thanks to our power plants, our customers receive responsibly produced electricity and local heating.

Laanila biopower plant:  
Cleaner energy with cutting-edge technology

Oulun Energia's Laanila biopower plant, completed in 2020, produces electricity, district heat, and process steam energy-efficiently. The plant plays an important role in moving towards carbon-neutral energy production.

Around 70% of the energy sources used by the power plant are wood. The remainder is high-quality SRF (recycled fuel) from the circular economy and, initially, small amounts of peat. In the future, peat will be completely removed from the energy sources of the Laanila biopower plant.

The Laanila biopower plant of Oulun Energia represents the latest technology. Its boiler can utilise a wide range of fuel compositions, and their ratios can easily be changed. Process steam industry can be integrated around the biopower plant, opening up new opportunities for the bioeconomy in the region.

Laanila ecopower plant:
Non-recyclable waste utilised for energy

Oulun Energia's Laanila ecopower plant processes non-recyclable waste into steam and heat. At the same time, it reduces the load on landfills and the emission of greenhouse gases into the air. The steam produced by the ecopower plant, completed in 2012, is utilised in the industrial processes in the area.

Toppila power plant:
Domestic electricity and heating

The Toppila 2 power plant, completed in 1995, still produces a significant part of our electricity and district heat. The south wall of the power plant is covered by a solar power plant with 827 panels. In the 2030s, Toppila's heat production using wood and peat will be replaced entirely by renewable energy sources, such as waste heat and geothermal heat.

In the Toppila power plant, the thermal energy contained in the flue gases is captured by a condenser and converted into district heat. A more efficient use of fuel will help reduce emissions from the plant and improve energy efficiency.

Merikoski power plant:
Hydropower through the decades

The crown jewel of our energy production is the old Merikoski power plant, which has been producing hydroelectric power in the middle of Oulu since 1948. To this day, hydropower is still one of the key sources of energy. It produces renewable, zero-emission, and local energy and is an important source for regulating power.

The Merikoski hydroelectric power plant building was designed by architect Bertel Strömmer, and the building is part of the nationally significant built cultural environment of the River Oulujoki delta.

Finland’s longest fish pass, and the only one in the River Oulujoki, was built past the power plant in 2003. The Merikoski fish pass enables fish to migrate from the sea, past the power plant, to the upper reaches of the River Oulujoki.

Wind power plants:
Renewable and environmentally friendly electricity

We will switch to carbon-neutral energy production by 2030. Wind power plays an important role in the change. We participate in the production of renewable and environmentally friendly wind power electricity as a shareholder in wind power production companies and through long electricity supply contracts.

In the selection of wind power construction sites, special attention is paid to the impact on the landscape, noise nuisance, and changes in the customary land use. The construction follows the guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Large wind farm projects are subject to an extensive environmental impact assessment (EIA).

We own shares of wind power through EPV Energia Oy, from Metsälä wind farm in Kristiinankaupunki and Santavuori wind farm in Ilmajoki. We own 25% of the largest wind farm in Finland, to be commissioned in Lestijärvi in 2025.

We have power purchase agreements with Taaleri Energia Oy's Pyhäjoki wind farm in Oltava and a long-term power purchase agreement with the second stage of the Tyrinselkä 2 wind farm on the borders of Humppila, Jokioinen, and Ypäjä. We also provide the Tyrinselkä 2 wind farm with services related to the electricity market.


Basic information about power plants:

Laanila biopower plant

  • Completed in 2020
  • Fuel capacity 215 megawatts
  • Electrical power capacity 70 megawatts
  • District heat capacity 175 megawatts

Laanila ecopower plant

  • Completed in 2012
  • Fuel capacity 53 megawatts

Toppila power plant

  • Completed in 1995
  • Fuel capacity 315 megawatts
  • Electrical power capacity 120 megawatts
  • District heat capacity 170 megawatts

Toppila solar power plant

  • Completed in 2016
  • Capacity 270 kilowatts

Merikoski power plant

  • Completed in 1948
  • Electrical power capacity 40 megawatts