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Towards carbon-neutral energy production

Oulun Energia's solid foundation is in energy production. Our mission is to provide safe and secure heat and electricity to the residents and businesses in our region. At the same time, we are looking for new growth in the circular economy and are involved in building a carbon-neutral future.

More than 130 years ago, the people of Oulu had the courage to look ahead. The first electric street lamps marked the beginning of a journey, during which energy production has undergone many major advances.

Now it's our turn to take the next step. It is a big change, and necessary for future generations: Our goal is to move to completely carbon-neutral energy production. We can achieve this goal by increasing the share of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and increasing carbon sequestration from the atmosphere.

Our customers receive electricity and district heating produced mainly using renewable energy sources: water, wind, and biofuels and recycled fuels, which will replace peat quickly but in a controlled manner. Nuclear energy is also a small part of the package.

We improve energy efficiency in the production and distribution of district heat. Our biopower and ecopower plants in Laanila produce district heat and electricity using the latest technology. We develop solutions for the utilisation of waste heat in buildings, and we have added carbon-neutral district heat to our offering.​

Carbon neutrality is an objective to which the whole energy sector is committed. At the same time, we aim even further, to be active in carbon sequestration. This means that more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere than is produced as a result of our activities.

Ash accelerates carbon sequestration

The wood cycle does not end in the boiler of the power plant, but the resulting ash is processed into fertiliser to accelerate the growth of forests. The ash fertiliser increases carbon sequestration, and this increase will surpass the carbon dioxide emissions from our energy production in the future. That is why putting the ash to good use is an important step towards carbon neutrality and negativity.

Ash fertilisation is also part of good forest management and ensures the future availability of wood fuel.

New power from the circular economy

Our basic task is in energy production, but alongside it, the circular economy brings new growth. In our circular economy projects, we work with companies in the region to accelerate the creation of new business in the sector.

Our energy production is already utilising the circular economy. We use wood fuel from the forestry and wood industry side streams in our power plants. The Rusko sorting plant provides high-quality recycled fuel for the Laanila biopower plant, and energy waste for the Laanila ecopower plant, from material unsuitable for recycling.

The circular economy is also an important means of achieving carbon neutrality. It requires changes in both actions and ways of thinking. There are new opportunities ahead of us on this path, and we are boldly grasping them.