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Two Syklo's employees are facing away from camera and are monitoring sorting line's activities infront of them.
Two Syklo's employees are in waste sorting factory monitoring sorting line operations.

Syklo – Circular economy pioneer

Oulun Energia’s circular economy operations were incorporated as a new company, Syklo, in May 2022. As a national pioneer in the circular economy business, Syklo offers a broad and comprehensive service network for companies to achieve transformational growth.

The company aims to grow its circular economy activities on a large scale and to invest significantly in the development of new innovations both nationally and internationally.

Syklo aims to improve Finland’s low waste recycling rate, which can reduce the use of new resources, among other things. Syklo’s circular economy solution will also play an important role in the production of carbon neutral energy.

Currently Syklo’s operations include a waste sorting plant in Rusko, waste service solutions for Oulun Energia’s eco power plant and various circular economy innovations. Syklo has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.

In the future, the company will make significant growth investments in reducing the carbon footprint of construction waste and building materials, and in developing bio-based carbon sequestration products.

Two Syklo employees in front of srf-waste.

Syklo customers

  • construction & commerce, waste management companies and industry
  • circular economy operators
  • energy, material and chemical industries
  • circular economy experts
Syklo's employee is guiding the process.

Syklo services

  • waste reception and sorting
  • recovery of recycled wood
  • ash recovery
  • new products from biostream
  • digital solutions for optimizing waste streams
  • partnerships
Action at Rusko's recycle center.

Syklo in a nutshell

  • the waste treatment service in Rusko receives 260 000 tonnes of waste per year
  • the Rusko waste sorting plant processes 100 000 tonnes of waste per year
  • municipal waste of approximately 300 000 people is received
  • Laanila eco-power plant uses waste to produce district heat, industrial process steam and electricity
Syklo's raven with a diamond.

Let’s recycle the planet for the better

Syklo makes circular economy easy and profitable.

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