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Emissions from power plants and the utilisation of ash

Oulun Energia is determined to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in its energy production by 2030.

In 2020, Oulun Energia's carbon dioxide emissions continued to decrease and they amounted to 425,000 tonnes. Over the last few years, emissions have decreased significantly. This has been mainly due to the increased use of wood as a fuel. The share of wood will continue to grow, as at the end of 2020, Oulun Energia commissioned the Laanila biopower plant with wood as the main energy source.


Air emissions from Oulun Energia's production operations have clearly decreased. Emissions to air are monitored by continuous measurements that detect even temporary deviations. The emission components to be monitored and their limit values are specified in the plants’ environmental permits. Emissions will continue to fall significantly in the future, thanks to the Laanila biopower plant.


The utilisation of ash generated by Oulun Energia's power plants is an excellent implementation of the principle of the circular economy. More than a third of the ash was used in earthworks. A significant part of the ash was processed into forest fertiliser. In addition, the metals contained in the bottom slag were recycled.