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Onni means a clean future

A 100 % carbon-neutral heating solution that even future generations can be proud of. Onni is produced entirely with renewable and related energy sources. By choosing Onni district heating, you are reducing your housing emissions by up to 60%.

The Onni service package includes

  • a 100% carbon-neutral heating solution produced entirely with renewable and related energy sources
  • renewable district heating certified by the Energy Authority’s system of guarantees of origin
  • the promotion of work towards responsibility in the Oulu region
  • Monitoring district heating consumption data in the Oulun Energia mobile application
  • 24/ 7 fault service line

With Onni, you are a part of making way for sustainable energy production. Oulun Energia’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality as early as 2030, together with its customers.

You can influence your heating emissions by optimising your energy consumption with our redesigned mobile app. You can also compare your consumption data with similarly sized control sites in the Oulu region each year.

The 24/7 fault service guarantees that heating is available regardless of the time of day. Our experts are here to help you with all your questions about heating.

Frequently asked questions about Onni, our carbon-neutral district heating solution.

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District heat is produced with renewable energy

  • Onni is a 100% carbon-neutral heating solution.
  • Onni is produced entirely with renewable and related energy sources.
  • Onni has been certified renewable by the Energy Authority’s system of guarantees of origin.
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You are partaking in doing good

  • You are a part of supporting work towards responsibility in the Oulu region.
  • Oulun Energia will publish its targets for its work towards responsibility at the end of 2023. You will be able to help choose the target by voting.
  • We will inform all Onni customers when voting opens.
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Onni is a responsible choice

  • There is a EUR 2.48/MWh (incl. VAT 24%) surcharge for Onni. In a detached house, the annual cost is around EUR 40–50.
  • Choosing Onni is easy and its security of supply is excellent—99.98%.

The production of carbon-neutral district heat mainly utilises biomass from the side streams of the forest industry, i.e., from materials that are not suitable for paper, cardboard, or timber production. Biomass regenerates quickly and does not release a carbon dioxide mass greater than the natural carbon cycle into the atmosphere.

In addition, the district heating network provides a platform for future energy solutions, such as large-scale recovery of waste and condensate heat and connecting renewable energy systems to the network.

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Garam Masala Hall has carbon-neutral heating

Many businesses and households have already chosen to have their district heating be produced in a carbon-neutral manner.

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