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Valve responds to everything

Valve is a smart heating solution that helps you to improve the energy efficiency of large housing cooperatives and properties. At the same time, you can reduce your energy consumption. Valve allows you to monitor your heating system in real time. The smart control optimises heating and responds to changes. The fault service is available to help 24/7.

The Valve service package includes

  • district heating distribution
  • smart control that enables conserving energy
  • optimising the conditions of the property with room temperature sensors
  • access to the remote control centre, from which Oulun Energia’s experts and representatives of the housing cooperative can monitor the operation and conditions of the heating equipment in real time

Choose the smart Valve service package

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Valve accurately optimises conditions

  • Monitor conditions with room temperature sensors.
  • Control the heating equipment on the basis of room conditions.
  • Optimise the efficiency of the heating equipment.
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Valve: Smart energy savings

  • Reduces the energy consumption of district heating.
  • Smart peak power optimisation also enables savings on the fixed fee.
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Valve constantly responds to changes

  • Monitors the operation of the heating equipment, responds to changes, and alerts you in the event of a fault.
  • The 24/7 fault service guarantees that heating is available regardless of the time of day.

Room sensors accurately optimise conditions

The room temperature sensors enable accurately monitoring the temperature of a property. The sensors send data for the customer’s use and directly to our control centre, where the heating is controlled, i.e., optimised, and changes are made based on the generated data. The sensors also provide information on possible balancing needs, for example.

Smart energy saving for housing cooperatives and businesses

The optimisation of energy use, i.e., automated temperature control, provides savings on both the use of heating energy and the operating costs of heating. In addition, smart peak power optimisation also enables savings on the fixed fee.

Smart control means that the automatic control system of the heat distribution centre of a property is controlled on the basis of indoor conditions, the weather forecast, and the thermal dynamics of the building. This allows for real-time optimisation of energy usage for each property. Traditionally, heating control is based only on the outside temperature.

Real-time heating monitoring

The remote control centre is a user interface that provides real-time access to the heating equipment and room sensor data of a property. It can also be used to control the operation of the equipment and to generate reports.


Valve service package additional services

OE360 service

  • Helps to monitor and optimise property energy consumption.
  • Automates energy consumption and monitoring data for heating, electricity and, water
  • Reporting and analysis of transport fuels and waste also available.
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Onni - responsible district heating

  • You can also choose to add Onni to Valve—a 100% carbon-neutral, more responsible district heat.
  • Onni is produced entirely with renewable and related energy sources.
  • Part of Onni’s sales revenue is designated to work towards responsibility, allocated to the Oulu region.
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Tailored heating and cooling solutions

Contact our experts at Oulun Energia’s heating services to tailor heating and cooling solutions to suit your needs. 

We provide, among other things:

  • waste heat capture
  • heat pump solutions
  • various hybrid solutions
  • combined heating and cooling
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