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Senate Properties locations in Oulu are heated carbon-neutrally

Senate Properties chose carbon-neutral district heating to achieve their own carbon neutrality targets. Senate has 20 sites in Oulu, which are now heated by Oulun Energia's carbon-neutral district heating - Onni.

Carbon-neutral district heat is intended for all of Oulun Energia's district heating customers. It is an additional service that can be added either to your existing district heating connection or to a new district heating connection upon ordering. If you wish, you can also be provided with a certificate regarding your choice.

Carbon-neutral district heat as part of the journey towards zero emissions

Senate Properties had clear reasons for choosing carbon-neutral district heat. It is important for Senate Properties to find ways to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of premises that are used by the state, and the heating of buildings is currently the largest single source of emissions. The additional service supports Senate's own objectives: Senate Properties has a carbon neutrality programme that aims to reduce emissions from maintenance in a few years and to achieve zero emissions by 2035.

Carbon-neutral district heating is not the only way for Senate to reduce their own carbon dioxide emissions. “For example, we have improved the energy efficiency of buildings in the long term, promoted the development of the state's office space utilisation, and moved to the purchase of 100% carbon-neutral electricity, and we have set environmental targets for construction projects for a long time now. In addition, we will invest several million euros in solar power over the next few years,” says Risto Rautiola, regional director of Senate Properties in Northern Finland.

Choices affecting the future are being made now

The journey towards a cleaner future is a shared one.

“We recommend that all district heating customers cooperate with energy suppliers to help achieve carbon neutrality, so that we can promote the transition to carbon neutrality together in sensible ways and following sensible timetables,” Rautiola continues.

Carbon-neutral district heating is produced in our power plants using bioenergy or, alternatively, methods such as utilising waste heat from industry and food shops, among others. Its origin is established by an external and impartial auditor. “We are constantly looking for new solutions to increase the share of carbon-neutral district heat in our network,” says Kimmo Alatulkkila, director heating and cooling at Oulun Energia.

“We want to help our customers succeed and at the same time create the conditions for the vitality of the entire Oulu region. In the future, carbon-neutral district heat can be produced not only by smaller heat sources, but also by large-scale data centres, among others,” Alatulkkila continues.

District heating offers the fastest way to achieve carbon neutrality in Finland.

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Kimmo Alatulkkila, director of heating services at Oulun Energia.

Kimmo Alatulkkila

Director Heating and Cooling
Risto Haapalainen looks to the camera.

Risto Haapalainen

Customer Service Manager