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Construction site in autumn.
Construction site in autumn.

New electricity connection to a plot, effortlessly and with expertise

"I started from the basic idea that the house needs electricity and water," Jarmo Timonen, a future Yli-Ii resident, describes his thoughts from when the sale of land was confirmed. Timonen, who was building a house for the first time, soon took the initiative in mid-July and called Oulun Energia Sähköverkko’s technical support with the purchase of an electricity connection in mind. Two months later, a new, ready-to-use electrical cabinet was standing on the property.

In order to get an electricity connection to the plot easily and smoothly, it is advisable to order the connection as soon as possible after an electrician has determined the fuse size. When the customer knows the fuse size, a connection agreement can be made, on the basis of which the electricity connection will be built. Mikko Kylli, development engineer at Oulun Energia’s technical support, guided Jarmo to order an electricity connection on the Oulun Energia website.

Building an electricity connection requires expertise and cooperation

Based on the electricity connection order, the network personnel checked the location of the plot: is it in a zoned or sparsely populated area? As the plot was located within 600 metres of an Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy substation, the sale of an electricity connection to Timonen's plot was successful. Up to three substations were located near the site. The personnel of Oulun Energia determined which substation would be the most sensible for connecting Timonen's plot to the electricity network. After this work, technical support contacted Timonen to determine the technical details of the electricity connection.

From Timonen's point of view, the purchase of the electricity connection went smoothly by simply making a couple of calls and filling in an electronic form. During his visit to the plot during the summer, he happened to notice that the employees of the electricity network were making progress, as cable reels had appeared on the plot one day. After a while, a brand new electrical cabinet appeared on the plot too.


"All in all, it was a very hassle-free process for me," Timonen sums up.


Although the acquisition of an electricity connection is an effortless process from the customer's point of view, the electricity network personnel must take into account a number of factors when building new electricity connections. Network planner Toni Korpela highlights a few factors that affect the size and schedule of a connection construction project:

"The electricity connection must meet certain technical standards, which we are responsible for meeting. The network planner and the landscape planner will work together to find out how and where the network will be built."

Easy even for a first-timer

Timonen advises other builders that it is worthwhile to make a move in good time when purchasing an electricity connection. Kylli, a development engineer, gives similar advice:

"It can take months to obtain permits from landowners and authorities. On top of that, time must be reserved for the actual construction of the electricity network and connection, depending on whether there will be 50 metres or 500 metres of network."

Even though Timonen's own building project is still in progress, he wants to encourage other first-time builders:


"Other first-timers build houses too, although many things are new and may seem tricky."


Now, however, Timonen can be sure that when electricity is needed on the site as the construction project progresses, it will be ready, and the power can be turned on simply at his request.