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Phases of ordering an electricity connection

Ordering an electricity connection begins with assessing if a connection is possible. The construction of the connection is based on the connection contract. In order for the construction to proceed on schedule, order the connection contract as soon as your electrical designer has defined the main fuse size. Our technical support will help you on matters relating to the construction of electricity connections and connection contracts.

1. Initial assessment

Please contact our technical support to find out if you can connect to our network. In general, properties in the urban planning zone can be connected to the network.

If the connection requires the construction of an electrical power network, we will provide an estimate of the delivery schedule. The delivery time is usually 1–3 months. If the connection requires the construction of a medium voltage network or a transformer substation, the delivery time may be 6 months or more.

In all cases, the delivery time depends on the time period within which agreement can be reached with the landowners on the placement of cables and transformer substations on the property owned by the landowner.

2. Contracts

Sign an electricity connection contract with us.

When signing the contract, you can attach schematics of the switchboard, metering boards, rising mains and transformer substations. We may also need other electrical diagrams (e.g., for the medium voltage connection). Your electrical contractor can also provide them when making a connection/metering request.

In the construction of the electricity connection, we comply with the connection terms and conditions recommended by the Finnish Energy (LE 2019) and the instructions "Electricity connection pricing criteria and construction instructions." These are attached at the end of this page. Please see our Privacy Policy.

We will send you the metering point ID with the connection contract. You will need it to sign a sale of electricity contract. Sign this sale of electricity contract with an electricity provider. You will enter into an electricity network contract with Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy at the same time.

For multi-meter sites, such as apartment buildings, etc., we need the electrical diagrams (schematics of the switchboard, metering boards, and rising mains), on the basis of which we create metering point IDs for all electricity meters.

The electrical contractor must provide the electrical diagrams required for the connection and metering request to ensure that no changes have occurred during construction. The earlier the electrical diagrams are delivered, the smoother the installation of the meters will be.

3. Connection request

The electrical contractor responsible for connecting the electricity uses the general information form to order the connection and metering and provides the necessary electrical diagrams.

The delivery time from the time the order is placed is 7–14 working days, provided that the electricity sales contract is in order.

4. Electricity connection

We will connect the electricity and install the meters.

Contact our customer service

Our customer service will help you with any questions you may have about network service and invoicing, Mon–Thu 8 am–4 pm and Fri 9 am–4 pm


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Technical support

If you have any questions regarding the construction of an electricity connection or the measurement of electricity, please contact our technical support.


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