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Young adults share: “The workplace of my dreams has flexible hours, a good team spirit, and free coffee”


For the next generation, the most important aspect of a workplace by far would seem to be a supportive work environment. The importance of team spirit even takes precedence over a good salary, according to the survey we conducted. Take a look at what other expectations and values Oulun Energia's young summer employees have of the work communities of the future!

We want to create an even more successful work culture together with future generations. That’s why we asked our summer employees for their thoughts on their dream workplaces now and in the future.

Based on the survey, a good work environment, friendly colleagues, and supportive supervisors are definitely the strengths of our community. The well-being of the work community was the most significant factor for many of the young adults. As many as 90% of the respondents considered good team spirit and motivating teamwork to be important values.Oulun Energia's HR Manager Piia Pesola.

“Our goal is to have each of our young summer employees excited about working life. A welcoming work community plays a significant role in this, which is why we put an effort into providing a decent orientation from the very first day of work. Knowledgeable managerial work, which we regularly improve with trainings, also adds to the characteristics of a nice workplace,” states Oulun Energia’s HR manager Piia Pesola.

In addition to good team spirit, nearly 64% of the young adults shared that they valued a transparent and reliable workplace, while 59% considered valuing equality and diversity at work to be meaningful factors.


Figure 1: Choose the values that are most important to you in the workplace: 

Young adults want work to be instructive or educational. According to our survey, equality in the workplace and interesting tasks seem to be even more important to young adults than the size of their salaries. However, some respondents shared that they appreciated openly discussing salaries within the work community.

“Young adults want their work to be meaningful, to have the experience that their work is valuable and worth doing. Responsibility and shared values are also important to them. For us in the energy industry, they seem like good principles to have. Our company is committed to solving global environmental challenges, caring for people, and strengthening regional vitality,” says Pesola.


Figure 2: What qualities do you expect from your dream job?

Young adults particularly want flexible working hours. More than 86% of the respondents valued flexibility, while 50% appreciated the possibility of working remotely. Around 15% of the respondents required both regular daytime work and office hours.

The survey also highlighted the young adults’ appreciation of the possibility to have a work-life balance. In addition, our young summer employees wanted more feedback on their work.

“These themes are topical and concern a turning point in work life, for which we would also like to consider solutions and tools. For us, it is definitely a place for learning and developing to think of ways in which we could highlight successes even more and provide feedback on work to support individual learning,” Pesola states.

In 2022, 30 summer employees worked at Oulun Energia, the majority of whom were 22–27-year-old students from the University of Oulu or Oulu University of Applied Sciences. A total of 24 of Oulun Energia’s summer employees responded to the survey at the turn of July and August 2022.

Oulun Energia’s HR Manager Piia Pesola shares her tips for a pleasant work community: be interested, listen, ask questions, be supportive, and give thanks.

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We also received plenty of free-form descriptions of the young adults’ own dream jobs in the survey. Here are some of the answers:

“My dream job fosters a good team spirit and has easily approachable supervisors. In addition, the work is meaningful and the employees’ contributions are respected and there is a willingness to make changes in order to improve the workplace.”


“Everyone is treated equally regardless of their job description, everyone is equally valuable in the work community. Responsibility must always be taken into account.”


“My dream workplace has an enthusiastic atmosphere and is open to developing. I know I’m doing meaningful and important work.”


“I want to work in a company whose values I share and behind which I can stand proudly. Responsibility must be apparent and its operations as transparent as possible.”


“The well-being and contribution of the employees is valued. Equality and diversity in the work community are important values, and issues are boldly addressed by both the employees and the employer.”


“A good team spirit, a supportive environment, a good salary, and employee benefits.”


“A good working environment is the most important. Everyone’s work and contributions should be valued and the salary should be good. In addition, both the employer and the employees should be relaxed and flexible.”


“The work is most seamless when you and your colleagues and supervisor have shared values and it is easy to discuss things with them.”