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Girl and her grandparents are looking at a leaf that fell from a tree.
Girl and her grandparents are looking at a leaf that fell from a tree in a forest.

We care about people

We take social responsibility by looking after our employees, customers and local residents. Our focus is on continuously improving safety at work and promoting the wellbeing of our staff and others in the region. We want to ensure our employees have an open and inspiring working environment in which they can thrive.

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Working for equality

Being open and treating everyone equally is important to us in everything we do. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form, and we promote fairness in all our activities. Our aim is to develop ways to promote equality in our work.

At the moment there is a major gender imbalance at Oulun Energia 79 per cent of our employees are men. Women make up a 30 % of the management team, and just over a third of the board members are women. 

We want to play our part in breaking down the barriers between professions and in developing ways to attract jobseekers of different genders. Oulun Energia’s job application processes and hiring policies are gender-neutral. We endeavour to ensure that new job titles are not gendered in any of the languages we use. For instance, rather than using the masculine Finnish-language term esimies to refer to managers or supervisors, we use the gender-neutral esihenkilö. Oulun Energia has drawn up an equality and equal opportunities plan, and as part of putting it implementing it we have carried out survey to examine gender quality in pay. We also conduct an equality and equal opportunities survey for all our staff every two years.


Diversity enriches the work community and the way we work. Although the Oulun Energia work community is fairly homogeneous in terms of genders, languages and educational backgrounds, we are looking for new ways to increase diversity.

In our recruitment processes, we will pay careful attention to recruiting people with skills that we do not yet have. At the moment we mainly carry out recruitment in Finnish, as a good command of the language is essential for many of the positions at the company. However, we are open to considering recruitment in other languages on a case-by-case basis.

Prosperity for the region

In addition to our staff, Oulun Energia also considers it highly important to invest in wellbeing in the Oulu region as a whole. We are involved in organising various cultural and leisure events, and we hold free sports days for people in the area every year. We also support local sports and cultural activities. Read more about our sponsorship partnerships here.

Aiming for zero accidents

Our aim is to ensure that every single day at work is safe for our employees, with zero accidents.

Our main measure of safety is the total recordable incident rate (TRIR), which is the ratio of all accidents requiring medical treatment to one million working hours. The number of accidents suffered by Oulun Energia employees has decreased significantly over the last ten years. In 2023, the TRIR was 4.1.



Safety is more than just avoiding accidents

However, safety is not just about avoiding accidents. Ensuring safety over the long term requires sustained long-term proactive work every day. To this end, Oulun Energia has introduced a safety programme, called Turvallisuus100, the success of which is measured by an occupational safety index.

In the index, we monitor the number of days of safe working, the number of points and time taken to process safety observations made by employees, the completion of accident and incident investigations within the target time, the number of safety rounds, and how measures to improve safety have been implemented. In 2023, our occupational safety index was at a record high of 97 %. Our target is 100%.

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Focus on staff wellbeing

Oulun Energia’s goal is to be the most energetic workplace in Finland – to guarantee our employees an open and inspiring working environment that contributes to their wellbeing, helping everyone to succeed and learn.

In 2023, we introduced the new Siqni employee survey, which gives us even more essential information about matters of importance to our people.

The first extensive Siqni employee survey was made in March 2023 and a lighter trend survey measuring the development of key indicators in October–November 2023.

The employees experience improved during the year with all three key measures. Overall satisfaction with the workplace was 74 on a scale of 0 to 100 (72 in the spring). eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) was 7 on a scale of -100 to +100 (0 in spring).

More than half of Oulun Energia’s staff work in jobs that are at least partly suitable for remote working. Identifying signs of a decline in working capacity or wellbeing when working remotely can be difficult, which is why Oulun Energia is working to find ways to do this.

All group employees have access to occupational healthcare, an occupational physiotherapist and an annual benefit that can be used for wellness activities such as massages, dental care, sports, and cultural activities.

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