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Four employees of Oulun Energia's heating services walk on the bridge of Ainola Park.

Actions make up Finland’s most energetic workplace


Oulun Energia wants to be Finland’s most energetic workplace, caring about the well-being of its employees and encouraging the promotion of holistic well-being.

The most energetic workplace is mainly built through practical actions. Let’s look into a few examples of the acts that promote well-being and energy.

Tarja utilised the employee benefit bicycle

“The company bicycle is a great employee benefit. I doubt I would have invested in a little more expensive bike like this without the support of my employer. This is an electrically-assisted, so-called hybrid, bike that is suitable for both cycling paths and off-road. I can’t really ride the bike for work-related trips because I have to keep a lot of stuff with me, but it’s nice to ride during my time off. I’ve been using the bike since this March.”

Maintenance Engineer Tarja Tuomaala, Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy and Team Manager Kimmo Määttä, Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy

Kimmo used his Epassi digital employee benefit card on a season pass to Rusko Bike Park

“Epassi lets you use many different services. I particularly like the sports and fitness benefits. I do off-road biking and have used Epassi to buy, among other things, a season pass to Rusko Bike Park. I go to cycle at Rusko about once a week. Epassi certainly lowers the threshold to use sports and fitness services and to try out new sports, for example.”

Piia has organised coaching to support occupational well-being

“We have organised occupational well-being coaching for employees through Teams. There were two hour-long sessions in the spring, and another three are being held this autumn. The coaching, led by occupational psychologists and occupational physiotherapists, discuss well-being from different perspectives. I’ve taken part in them too and gotten a lot of good ideas and new insights.”

HR Manager Piia Pesola, Oulun Energia Oy and Heating Services Manager Kimmo Alatulkkila, Oulun Energian Oy

Kimmo is a regular user of the shared bicycles

“I have great experiences with the shared bikes. It’s easy to cycle to meetings, for example, in the centre of town. It’s faster than driving and there is no need to search for a parking space. We have two electric Jopo bikes in use. It’s certainly a bit amusing to see a dude over 190 cm tall riding on a small bike.”