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Young girl is in the forest with her grandparents on a sunny day.

We operate in an ethically sustainable manner

Oulun Energia Group's Code of Ethics for our personnel and suppliers sets out our operating principles and minimum requirements for human rights, environmental responsibility, occupational safety, and responsible business, in addition to our statutory obligations.  

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Supplier code of conduct

Our suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the suppliers and subcontractors they use also follow the principles. 

Our Group has quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety systems in place that guarantee continuous development. We are also involved in national energy efficiency agreements. 

  • In 2019, all companies and units of the Oulun Energia Group were certified in accordance with the requirements of the following management system standards: ISO 9001: 2015 (quality management system), ISO 14001: 2015 (environmental management system), and ISO 45001: 2018 (occupational health and safety management system). 
  • The use of the systems constantly guides us to improve our operations in terms of customer satisfaction, product quality, environmental impact, and occupational safety. 
  • Oulun Energia is involved in national energy efficiency agreements, the aim of which is to promote the efficient use of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change.  
  • At Oulun Energia, the implementation of the agreements is reflected in, among other things, more efficient energy production, fuel choices, and the reduction of network losses in the production of both district heating and electricity.
  • The current energy efficiency agreements have been concluded for 2017–2025. Voluntary agreements are a method chosen by the state, municipalities, and industries together to meet the EU's energy efficiency obligations imposed on Finland. 

Oulun Energia’s reporting channel for misconduct (whistleblowing)

We require our employees and partners to act in accordance with the laws and Oulun Energia’s general operating principles at all times. It is important that our interest groups, such as our partners, customers, and employees, can report any suspected misconduct to us.  

Misconduct can be reported through our Whistleblowing reporting channel. The notification channel is only intended for reporting any observed suspected misconduct in the operation of Oulun Energia Oy and its subsidiaries that may be related to

  • bribery
  • unethical activity
  • misconduct
  • threats
  • liabilities
  • other incidents

Please note that contractual matters, customer feedback, service complaints, or disruption or fault reports cannot be processed through the reporting channel. For contact information relating to such issues, click here.

A misconduct report must always be made in good faith. Deliberately submitting false reports is prohibited and may lead to legal action.

You may submit a misconduct report under your own name or anonymously. The whistleblowing directive necessitates the protection of whistleblowers, of persons who report misconduct. The identity of the person submitting the report is to be protected and is not disclosed to the subject of the report or to any persons other than those processing the reports in confidence. No countermeasures are taken against the person submitting the report. 

The information collected in the report is processed confidentially and is subject to the relevant data protection legislation.

Submit a report on suspected misconduct at: http://ins.li/oulunenergiawhistleblow (in finnish)