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A red-haired woman is holding a white cup and sitting on a couch with a white blanket.
A red-haired woman is sitting on a couch under a blanket and holding a teacup in her hands.

Heating Guarantee

When you sign a Heating Guarantee contract with us, we will ensure the energy-efficient and reliable operation of your district heating equipment in all situations.

District heating is an easy and reliable heating method. Nonetheless, it is advisable to monitor the condition and operation of the equipment in order for malfunctions to be repaired immediately.

A Heating Guarantee is based on the monitoring and analysis of measurement data. Analysing the condition of the equipment on a monthly basis identifies any discrepancies in consumption as well as the majority of equipment malfunctions. The Heating Guarantee guarantees our customers a carefree daily life, helping to detect and repair any possible malfunctions quickly. If we encounter any issues, our specialists will contact you immediately.

The Heating Guarantee includes:

Price list

Product Price (VAT 24%)
Registration fee EUR 39.00
Detached and semi-detached houses EUR 9.50/month
Larger locations

EUR 19.50/month