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Aerial view of Oulu in summer.
Aerial view of the city of Oulu in summer.

Oulun Energia in a nutshell

Oulun Energia is Finland's most energetic workplace, and we employ about 250 energy professionals. Our operations are based on energy production and heat and electricity network services. We are making the circular economy a significant pillar for Oulun Energia. We develop intelligent and energy-efficient energy solutions to benefit our customers. We are moving towards carbon-neutral energy production in 2030. Oulun Energia is responsible for people and the environment – It is important for us that future generations can be proud of the results of our work.

Oulun Energia was founded in 1889. In addition to the parent company Oulun Energia Oy, Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy, Turveruukki Oy, and Huoltovoima Oy belong to the Oulun Energia group. The City of Oulu fully owns the Group's parent company, Oulun Energia. The parent company owns all its subsidiaries.

Key figures

The Group's key figures for 2023

Net sales EUR 283,9 M
Operating profit EUR 61,3 M
Investments EUR 60,0 M

Group Management Team

Arto Sutinen

CEO | Oulun Energia Group

Half-length portrait of Oulun Energia's Business Director Pertti Vanhala.

Pertti Vanhala

Business Director | Energy production

A head shot of Tommi Kantola, who smiles to the camera.

Tommi Kantola

Business Director | Energy services

Pirjo Kivari, CFO of Oulun Energia Group.

Pirjo Kivari

CFO | Finance and Administration

Half-length portrait of Teemu Koskela, CEO of Oulun Energia's subsidiary Syklo Oy.

Teemu Koskela

Managing Director | Syklo Oy

Half-length portrait of Oulun Energia's Business Director Tuomas Savola.

Tuomas Savola

Business Director | Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

Half-length portrait of Oulun Energia's director of responsibility and HR Katja Virkkunen.

Katja Virkkunen

Director | Sustainability and HR

Oulun Energia’s Board

Mika Härkönen, Chairman of the Board of Oulun Energia Oy.

Mika Härkönen


Janne Heikkinen, member of Oulun Energia's Board of Directors.

Janne Heikkinen

Vice Chair

Paula Himanen, member of Oulun Energia board.

Paula Himanen

Marja Sarajärvi, member of Oulun Energia board of directors.

Marja Sarajärvi

Sirpa Tikkala, member of Oulun Energia board.

Sirpa Tikkala

Mikko Viitanen, member of Oulu Energy board.

Mikko Viitanen

Jukka Weisell, a member of Oulun Energia board of directors.

Jukka Weisell

Pekka Ylönen, member of Oulun Energia board.

Pekka Ylönen