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Solar power park by the sea.
Solar panels in Oomi Solar's Vihreäsaari solar park.

Solar and wind power

The energy transition requires the deliberate adaption of renewable energy as part of a comprehensive energy production, and it will steer the operations of many energy companies in the future, including Oulun Energia. A significant investment in wind and solar power is part of Oulun Energia’s goal of complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

We already participate in wind power production as a shareholder in wind power production companies and through long-term electricity supply contracts. We own shares of wind power through EPV Windpower in the Metsälä wind farm in Kristiinankaupunki and the Santavuori wind farm in Ilmajoki. We have signed power purchase agreements with Taaleri Energia Oy for the Oltava wind farm and with Tuulivoimayhtiö Pohjoistuuli Oy for the Tyrinselkä 2 wind farms.

The south wall of our Toppila power plant is covered with an 827-panel solar power plant, which in 2023 produced 165 megawatt-hours of energy.

We are significantly increasing the share of solar power in our production, and our goal is to produce 100 gigawatt-hours of solar power by 2026. We are investigating solar power projects in the Oulu area and exploring the possibilities of using former peat production lands for solar power production.

Our main ongoing solar and wind power projects

Solar panels at the solar power park.

Solar power project at Heinineva, Lapua

EPV Energia will build the solar power field on the former peat production area. In the first phase, the solar power field will produce approximately 70 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. Oulun Energia’s share of this is about 30% or 20 megawatts.

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Oomi Solar's solar power park.

Oulun Energia’s first own solar power park in Raahe

When completed, the Paarmala solar power plant will produce approximately 5 gigawatt hours of clean electricity, which is 5 per cent of Oulun Energia’s total target for solar energy by 2026.

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Windmills in the Lestijärvi wind farm.

Lestijärvi wind farm project

In addition to Oulu Energia, the wind power project involves Kymppivoima and Kuopio Energia. The total capacity of the wind farm is 455.4 MW, of which Oulun Energia's share is 25%, or 114 MW.

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