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Oulun Energia joins the Finnish Hydrogen Cluster Finland

01.03.2024 / Last updated 20.03.2024 09:05

Oulun Energia has joined the Finnish business-driven Hydrogen Cluster Finland (H2cluster) to promote the development of the hydrogen economy in Finland.

As a member of the hydrogen cluster, we, together with dozens of other companies, are making the hydrogen economy a new foundation of export for Finland by 2030. We also receive up-to-date information on phenomena related to the hydrogen economy and understand the direction in which political decision-making drives the hydrogen economy. There is a great deal of pressure in the European Union for becoming low carbon. We need business around renewable and clean hydrogen in Finland and globally that helps to achieve the climate goals and also creates new jobs.  

“At Oulun Energia, we want to boldly embrace the future and act as a responsible pioneer in the energy sector. Our strategic aim is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. In the coming years, we will be significantly investing in clean renewable energy production. As a member of the hydrogen cluster, we get to join the major league in building a sustainable foundation for the hydrogen economy and promoting tangible projects,” says Kimmo Alatulkkila, development director at Oulun Energia.

Hydrogen produced from emission-free electricity is needed to build a carbon-neutral society of the future. Hydrogen and emission-free electricity can replace the use of fossil fuels in industry and heavy transport. Hydrogen can be used not only for fuel, but also for energy storage.

“District heating is the most popular form of heating, both in Oulu and in other major cities in Finland. When green hydrogen is produced with renewable electricity, there is also a lot of heat created that can be recovered in the district heating network. This enables us to promote cleaner heat production. Oulun Energia, like many other energy companies, has combined heat and power production, i.e., CHP plants, where biogenic flue gases could be recovered in the further processing of hydrogen. The hydrogen economy can therefore change our energy system in many ways, and we want to be a part of this journey,” Alatulkkila continues. 

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