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Syklo Oy´s waste sorting plant in Rusko

Fires at our subsidiary Syklo Oy’s waste sorting plant outdoor storage

27.10.2023 / Last updated 06.11.2023 10:25

In the last week, there have been several incipient fires and three fully developed fires at Syklo’s waste sorting plant, in the SRF storage pile outside. In addition, there was a fire at Syklo’s neighbour, Kiertokaari, where the hog fuel in the outdoor field burned.

The fires on the Syklo side ignited from smouldering pockets inside the SRF storage pile. The initial analysis shows the possible cause to be certain waste batches that contain light, airy, and partially combustible materials. The investigation is still ongoing. 

SRF, or Solid Recovered Fuel, is stored in both bales and machine-compressed bulk material. The fires and the incipient fires have taken place in the latter. Syklo’s supply of SRF is currently especially large as the supply has been intentionally accumulated for the upcoming heating season.  

Waste receiving at the sorting plant is as normal. Syklo’s staff and associates have done remarkable and heavy work in extinguishing the fires and in searching for solutions for this problem.