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Oulun Energia has terminated its contract with Teboil—an agreement has been reached for new oil deliveries with another supplier

13.08.2022 / Last updated 00:00

The competitive bidding for a new oil supplier has been completed. Oulun Energia has found a new supplier for all its crude oil needs.

Since the start of the war of aggression in Ukraine, Oulun Energia has been working systematically to ensure that it can discontinue the use of Russian wood chips and oil of Russian origin. The use of Russian wood chips was discontinued in March as soon as the availability of a replacement fuel was ensured. There has also been a clear aim to discontinue the use of Russian-origin oil as soon as a security of supply has first been secured. 

“During the spring, we have been preparing the competitive bidding by carrying out various investigations and preparing materials. The competitive bidding process for a new oil supplier was started as soon as the holiday season ended in order to maximize the number of bids. It’s great to be able to say that we have found a new supplier for all our crude oil needs. The new supplier has the capability to deliver oil immediately as needed,” says business director Pertti Vanhala.

The share of oil in all of the energy production at Oulun Energia is 1–2%. Oil is used during severe frosts, when the the Toppila and Laanila power plants produce insufficient heat. This keeps homes warm and ensures that warm water is available even during the coldest days of the year. Ensuring security of supply is one of the company’s key tasks.

Oulun Energia's long-term goal is to phase out the use of oil altogether once the power plants and peaking heating plants have the technical capacity for it. The oil use at the peaking heating plants will possibly be replaced in the future by alternatives powered by electricity or pellets, or by bio-oils. It will take years to make the changes.