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Miljöö Innovation Grant will be accessible in Septemper

23.08.2022 / Last updated 28.12.2022 05:26

The nationwide Miljöö Innovation Grant was created out of Oulun Energia’s desire to solve global environmental challenges. The Innovation Grant is intended, among other things, for research on different energy and circular economy solutions and projects that further carbon neutrality, and to promote technological innovations. Companies, educational institutions, and individuals can apply for the funding in September.

Oulun Energia is looking to fund projects that improve green development and the sustainability of our living environment. The condition to receive the funding is that the projects promote either carbon neutrality, circular economy, bio-based solutions, or focus on smart energy solutions.

“Oulun Energia has a strong desire to actively promote sustainable development. By supporting innovations, technological projects, and smart energy solutions that improve the carrying capacity of our environment, we can have a tangible impact on the living conditions of future generations. This is our tangible contribution to slowing down climate change, and it also increases the sense of community,” states Juha Juntunen, Managing Director at Oulun Energia.

The sum of each individual grant varies from about a thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros. It can be awarded to research, the commercialization of technology, or to a larger product development or innovation project, as long as it is based on promoting green values. The progress of the projects receiving the grant will be regularly monitored.

“With the Miljöö Innovation Grant, we can support such valuable ideas that, without external initial funding, might never be able to move forward,” says Tarja Väyrynen, Quality and Environment Director at Oulun Energia.

The Miljöö Innovation Grant, which is available in September 2022 for the first time, is open to applications nationwide. In the future, the application period will be biannual.

“Oulun Energia will always transfer a corresponding amount to its million-euro innovation account that it grants from it. This helps us ensure the continuity of the funding,” states Tarja Väyrynen, Quality and Environment Director at Oulun Energia.

A panel of five members, the representatives of which change every two years, pre-processes the grant decisions. The panel consists of two representatives from Oulun Energia, an expert representative, a representative for corporate customers, and a representative for consumer customers. A management team from Oulun Energia makes the final grant decisions based on the proposals of the panel

The first application period: Septemper 1 to October 31.

 Read more about Miljöö Innovation Grant from here.

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