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North Ostrobothnia Pro metsä award 2022 goes to Pertti Vanhala, Business Director at Oulun Energia

28.06.2022 / Last updated 00:00

The North Ostrobothnia Forest Council has chosen Pertti Vanhala, Business Director, Energy Business at Oulun Energia as the recipient of the Pro metsä award 2022. The award was made at the My biodiverse forest – Forest owners’ day in Oulu, after which a tree was planted in the green area of the Toppila power plant to mark the award. The themes in this year’s Forest owners’ day were forest biodiversity as part of everyday forest management, water protection, voluntary forest conservation and the many products from the forest.

Awarded for the first time this year, the Pro metsä award is a way to commend and encourage the good work done for the benefit of forests and the forestry sector in the regions. The award is made to a person, working group, business or other organisation in thanks for active, innovative and productive work done to achieve the goals of regional forest programmes. The award is made by the North Ostrobothnia Forest Council. In addition to the Pro metsä diploma, a tree was planted in the green area of the Toppila power plant to depict growth, the future and community spirit.

In its criteria for making the award, the forest council cited among other things that Pertti has extensive experience of forest energy in practice. Over the decades, he has been developing the sourcing of forest energy and has advocated tirelessly on the use of forest energy. He has been involved in developing forest energy sourcing and harvesting methods both locally and nationally. Pertti was long a member and chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Finland. His hard, long-term and cooperative work has earned Pertti the first Pro metsä award made by the North Ostrobothnia Forest Council.

“Pertti has an ability to see the big picture and to see the things from the perspective of the whole of Finland. He is known for his ability to solve problems and to build bridges between different actors. He makes his case clearly and plainly,” says Arto Sorri, secretary to the Forest Council and Public Relations Director at the Finnish Forest Centre.

My biodiverse forest – Forest owners’ day

The My biodiverse forest – Forest owners’ day brought together forest owners, forest industry operators and experts on forest management on nature’s terms from the Oulu region. During the day, those present could attend theme lectures and ask about and discuss forest management on nature’s terms, taking biodiversity into account and current forest issues with experts and actors. The Villiyrttikarkelot wild herb event for the whole family also took place in the area. The event is organised by Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Luontoalan yrittäjät ry.

For more information, please contact:

Arto Sorri
Public Relations Director, Finnish Forest Centre
+358 40 059 3600