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The invoice basis for the fixed fee for corporate district heating customers will change on 1 June 2024

06.05.2024 / Last updated 00:00

The invoice basis for the fixed fee for Oulun Energia’s corporate district heating customers will change from an unmetered water flow contract to a metered water flow contract on 1 June 2024. Switching to a metered water flow contract will make district heating pricing clearer and more transparent. The change does not apply to detached houses, which are mainly in the lowest fixed fee category.

In the future, the invoicing of district heating for our corporate customers will be based on actual heating needs, not on the rateable value reported when joining the district heating network.  Our customers will be able to influence their district heating fixed fee with, for example, efficient cooling or a balanced distribution of heat.

The fixed fee for district heating is determined by the metered water flow for each place of use. The metered water flow is calculated using the measured peak power and the difference between the flow and return temperature of the district heating. The district heating invoice can therefore remain the same, increase, or decrease, depending on consumption. If the change in the metered water flow is small and it stays within the range we have defined, we will not make changes to the metered water flow contract or the fixed fee.   

In April 2024, district heating corporate customers were sent customer newsletters containing metered water flow calculations specific to each place of use. 

In the future, the metered water flow will be reviewed annually, but after the first review, customers will only be informed in cases where there is a change in the fixed fee. New district heating connections are reviewed after three heating seasons to ensure that the measurement data is based on established consumption.