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Miehosuo peat production area photographed from the air

Oulun Energia will stop using peat in 2025

22.01.2024 / Last updated 00:00

The war in Europe has had a strong impact on the energy markets. The unprecedented global situation has resulted in inflation and fuel shortages, which have affected our operational environment and company.

Oulun Energia has, in line with its sustainability targets, moved further toward the use of biomass and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). In addition to using renewables and Solid Recovered Fuel for their environmental impacts, they have also been used in an attempt to curb the rise in prices, which have been on a strong upward trend for fossil fuels. However, the market demand for biomass has grown heavily and there are significant risks associated with obtaining sufficient supply. 

We must ensure the security of supply and distribution of heat and electricity in all situations. We have therefore had to reassess our goal of ceasing the use of peat. Our original goal was to end the use of peat in 2024. Due to fuel availability challenges, we will probably have to continue to use peat in 2025. After 2025, peat can only be used in exceptional circumstances for security of supply reasons.                       

“We will continue to do everything we can to stop using peat as soon as possible. Economic cycles and the by-products that are created as their result, such as those from sawmills, sawdust and bark, have a major impact on the timetable for phasing out peat,” shares Pertti Vanhala, business director at Oulun Energia.

The change in the peat schedule does not impact Oulun Energia’s carbon neutrality target—our goal is still to achieve complete carbon neutrality in 2030.