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Formulas used for calculating the fixed fee

As a district heating customer of Oulun Energia, you pay a fixed fee and an energy fee during use. The amount of the fixed fee depends on the contracted water flow, which is calculated according to type of property and maximum heat demand.

The contracted water flow refers to the maximum flow of district heating water reserved for a customer when the ambient temperature is –32°C. For example, for detached houses, the most common contractual water flow is less than 0.2 m³/h.

On this page, you will find the formulas for calculating the fixed fee, as well as the basic information for the most common fixed fees and prices in total. 

Contracted water flow

Formulas for calculating the fixed fee

Detached house, contracted water flow (V) 0–0.2 (2.71 x EUR 138) x 1.24 = EUR 463.74/year
Terraced house, small apartment building, contracted water flow (V) 0.21–5.0 (2.71 x (EUR 34 + EUR 520 x V) x 1.24)
Large apartment buildings/properties, contracted water flow (V) over 5  (2.71 x (EUR 1134 + EUR 300 x V) x 1.24)

Basic information

The most common fixed fees and total prices presented in the district heating price list are based on data on the following typical residential buildings built in the 2000s.

Example apartment

Calculated power requirement per hour

Water flow

Annual energy

Guideline cubic volume of building

Detached house 10 kW 0.15 m3/h 18 MWh 600 m3
Terraced house, small apartment building 70 kW 0.8 m3/h 150 MWh 5,000 m3
Large apartment building 230 kW 2.8 m3/h 600 MWh 20,000 m3