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A woman holds a cup of coffee and a book in the autumn sunshine.

District heating price lists

What is the price of district heating comprised of?

The price of district heating consists of a one-time connection fee plus fixed and energy fees paid during use. We also offer homes and businesses services that help them improve the security and efficiency of their heating systems.

The price of Oulun Energia's district heating is comprised of the following:

  • Connection fee
  • Fixed fee
  • Energy fee
  • Taxes

The connection fee is only paid once when connecting to district heating. The sum depends on the size of the property and the distance between the building and the district heating network.

When using district heat, Oulun Energia’s customers are charged a fixed fee and an energy fee based on their actual consumption of heat energy.

All our prices include 24% VAT, unless otherwise stated.


District heating connection fees

The district heating connection fee is calculated according to the contracted water flow and the length of the connection line defined in the heating plan.

District heating energy and fixed fees

The total price of the district heating consists of a fixed fee (EUR/year) based on the contracted water flow, an energy fee (EUR/MWh), and taxes (VAT 24%).

District heating service charges

Fees include, but are not limited to, administrative costs, as well as connection and disconnection fees.

Service price list

Oulun Energia offers its district heating customers a wide selection of services. The services offer you a quick and comprehensive overview of the current state of your heating system. They also enable you to ensure that your heating works in an energy-efficient and reliable manner in all situations.

Download General Terms of contract for district heat