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Cat and dog sit side by side.
Cat and dog sit side by side.

District heating connection fees

The district heating connection fee is calculated according to the contracted water flow and the length of the connection line defined in the heating plan.

The contracted water flow is sized according to the maximum heat demand of the property. We use a rated temperature of -32°C. For the use of district heating, you pay the fixed and energy fees detailed in our district heating price list.

In the formula: V = contracted water flow (m³/h), L = length of connection line (m). The connection fee can be transferred. Prices include 24% VAT.

Contracted water flow m3/h

Calculation formula

Detached house 0–0.2, new areas EUR 2,900. Includes a 10 m house cable, after which additional metres are EUR 60/m. The distance in metres is counted from the boundary of the property to the mechanical room.
Detached house 0–0.2, old areas Prices start from EUR 2,900. Request a quotation!
Terraced house, small apartment buildings 0.21–2.0 EUR 359.60 + (EUR 7,675.60 x V) + (EUR 173.60 x L)
Large apartment building or other property 2.01–10.0  EUR 4,699.60 + (EUR 5,691.60 x V) + (EUR 198.40 x L)
Large-scale user >10 EUR 25,668 + (EUR 3,596 x V) + (EUR 223.20 x W)

Calculating the connection fee

In new areas, we use our heating plans to measure the length of the connection line, from the boundary of the property closest to the potential connection line to the pre-agreed location of the metering board. Some of the connection line outside the property may also be included in the calculation if it is reflected in the actual connection costs.

In older areas, the connection fee may include the costs of connecting the line in the city block due to increased construction costs. Connection is always priced separately in both older and new areas in connection with individual construction.