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A finger on a light switch. Energy is saved for example by  reducing lighting.
A finger on a light switch. Reducing lighting is a great way to save energy.

Turn off the power correctly

Properties' power has traditionally been turned off using the main switch of the electrical switchboard, but the introduction of remote reading meters has changed the correct course of action. To prevent interrupting the data connection to the power company's systems, the power is turned off using the push button switch on the remote meter.

A disconnected data connection is displayed as a fault in the network company's systems. In this case, installers will visit the site to see what is causing the fault. Very often it is a case of the electricity of a property being disconnected using the main switch. In particular, the end of the allotment garden and cottage season is seen as a spike in the systems.

Maintaining a data connection is not only in the network company's advantage: It also enables you to monitor the electricity consumption of your property from your Energy Account. If, for example, your holiday home suddenly starts to consume electricity, you may have uninvited guests.

When electrical work is done on the property 

However, a push button switch cannot be used in every situation. When electrical work is carried out on the property, the electricity must be cut off in accordance with electrical safety regulations, for example by removing fuses or using the main switch. In addition, electricity is cut off using the main switch in those properties that do not have a push button switch on the meter.

There are about 14,000 remotely readable electricity meters in our network that do not have a push button switch. Most of these are in apartment buildings, but there are also some in detached houses in Kiiminki. In these properties, the main switch is used to switch off electricity in all situations.