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An employee of Oulu Energy is wearing their work gear. There is an iron chain in front of him.
An employee of Oulu Energy is wearing their work gear and there is a cable roll hanging from an iron chain in front of him.


We have put guidelines together to help you in the event of a fault or an outage. In general, interruptions are short and do not cause major damage. Please be patient. Do not call the emergency number if there is an electricity or heat outage.

If you notice that the power line is damaged, the wires are hanging low, the line has bent, the wires are broken, or there are fallen trees on the power lines, please report the damage to our fault service. Do not touch the power lines or anything that is touching the lines. There is a risk of fatal electric shock. Immediately leave the vicinity of the damaged power line and ensure that no persons or animals enter the vicinity of the dangerous line. The safety distance is 20 metres.

Please refer to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Defence on what to do in the event of a long outage (in Finnish only).

Subscribe to the free interruption message service

Subscribe to the free interruption message service from your Energy Account. You will receive a notification of a known power or district heating outage in your area and an estimate of the repair time by SMS and/or e-mail. When distribution returns to normal, we will send you a new message.

You can subscribe to messages for one or more locations of use. Depending on the address of the location of use, you can choose the kinds of messages you want to receive, the channel (SMS/e-mail), and the time of day for receiving messages. The service is used in the areas of Oulun Energia's district heating and Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy's electricity distribution networks.

To subscribe to the interruption message service, sign in to your Energy Account.

Read our service and interruption notices 

First, check the service and interruption notices for electricity and district heating. The reason for an outage is often already known to us, and we also provide an estimate of the repair time in our notices whenever possible. The outage map shows the interruptions to power distribution related to both planned maintenance and faults.

Determine the magnitude of the fault

If the electricity is out only in your apartment, check the fuses. If only the heat is out, check the inlet temperature of the district heating water in the heat distribution room. If the temperature is normal, then the fault is probably in your equipment. If the inlet temperature is too low, then the fault may be caused by clogging of the mud separator or a heat distribution failure.

If the electricity or heat is out in the entire neighbourhood, we have probably received information about the fault through our own alarm systems. We hope that you and your neighbors appoint a point person for who will contact our fault service. By doing so, our fault service will not be congested by a large number of incoming calls.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the outage map or in our service and interruption notices, you can report a fault electronically through your Energy Account. Residents of apartment buildings and terraced houses should contact their own property maintenance company or property manager first.

Call our fault service

Always report any urgent faults or damage that may pose a risk to life or health by phone. If, for example, a tree has fallen on a power line, call the electricity fault service without delay.

Faults in traffic lights are repaired on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and on weekends between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Technical faults can be reported to the on-call traffic-light control service.

You can give feedback on the functioning of street lights on the street light service of the City of Oulu.

In case of faults, please contact:

24-hour on-call fault control service for electricity distribution

call+358 8 55 843 222

24-hour on-call fault control service for heat distribution

call+358 8 55 843 425