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Terminating an electricity connection

The electricity contract can be converted into a maintenance contract due to, for example, the demolition of an old house, or it can be terminated and permanently deactivated if the use of electricity has ceased completely. The delivery time for the procedure is about 7–14 working days.


If, for example, you are demolishing an old house in order to build a new one, you must cut off the electricity supply from the electricity connection and remove the electricity meter before demolition. In this case, you will be disconnected from the electrical power network and your contract will be converted into a maintenance contract, i.e., your electricity contract will remain active and there is no need to pay a new connection fee for the new house. A maintenance fee will be charged for the maintenance of the contract in accordance with the current price list. We will collect the necessary reconnection fees for reactivating the contract. If an existing contract is expanded on, we will charge an additional connection fee.

Termination of an electricity connection contract and deactivation of the contract

If the property no longer uses electricity and there will be no need for electricity at a later time, you can terminate the electricity connection, after which your contract will be terminated. Upon termination of the contract, we will return any refundable part of the connection contract with the termination costs deducted. Please note that if you wish to re-activate the electricity on the site at a later time, we will charge you a connection fee for the new connection according to the connection price list.

Electricity connection ownership

If an electricity connection is transferred to a new owner when moving, please notify us of the change of ownership here.

Order the termination or disconnection of your connection

Electricity connection details

Ordered change
Additional information on disconnection (When will electricity be needed again on the plot / property?)

Owner(s) of the electricity contract

Delivery of the electricity connection contract for signing

Additional information

Call our electrician to cut off the power and remove the electricity meter. The delivery time is approx. 7–14 working days.

Schedule the appointment with our electrician, tel. 08 887 0150. If the electric meter is located behind locked doors, make arrangements with the electrician to make sure they can access the meter.

Technical support

If you have any questions regarding the construction of an electricity connection or the measurement of electricity, please contact our technical support.