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On the way towards carbon-neutral district heat

We turn our attention to what the start of the year looked like for our heating services, considering the success factors that pave Oulu Energy’s path towards a carbon-neutral tomorrow. However, we are not alone on this path, as our customers and partners are excellent travel company – we walk side by side.

Enjoying the warmth of summer, we at Oulun Energia can proudly say that our heating services have achieved a lot since the start of the year on our path towards carbon neutrality. However, there is still much to do. We see the entire energy sector and also the future of Oulun Energia as carbon neutral, and we have taken big steps towards this goal since the start of the year.

One step towards this carbon-neutral future was, among other things, the first heating season with our new multi-fuel power plant as part of the Oulu energy ecosystem. We have also reduced the use of peat at an accelerated pace, without compromising the security of supply. The importance and role of recycled fuels in energy production are constantly growing, and the transition to a bioeconomy is now a matter of course. However, focusing solely on issues related to production does not lead us towards carbon neutrality – we also want to help our customers succeed.

Together on the path towards a carbon-neutral tomorrow

Our goal is to build a carbon-neutral future together with our customers. In March, we responded to the high level of customer interest by offering the possibility to purchase fully carbon-neutral district heating in the future. This way, we help our customers achieve their environmental goals quickly and effortlessly. Carbon-neutral district heating reflects the direction of Oulun Energia as a whole towards a more environmentally friendly energy system.


Independent research data speeds up projects and provides information on the effectiveness of district heating

Behind concrete projects, there is also a significant amount of research and development work related to energy systems, which we carry out in cooperation with the University of Oulu and VTT, for example, in the form of the HOPE and CHIST-ERA projects. The projects are steps towards the fourth generation of district heating, which will make use of the district heating network and renewable energy sources in a novel way.

Research institutes play an important role in providing objective information on the quality and climate friendliness of district heating systems. The district heating system offers the fastest way to achieve a carbon-neutral Oulu and Finland – it helps us achieve a cleaner future. We estimate that utilising waste and surplus heat will be more of a rule than an exception in the future. In other words, the importance of sustainability will be increasingly emphasised. As we only have one planet to call home, its well-being should be a priority for all of us.

From interest to actions

Through our own choices, each of us can be part of the change. Carbon-neutral district heat is a great choice for particularly environmentally friendly heating. We walk the path towards carbon neutrality hand in hand, which means it warms not only us but also future generations.

The price of this more sustainable additional service is only EUR 2.48/MWh (incl. VAT 24%). In a detached house, the annual cost is approximately EUR 40–50, roughly equal to one pack of coffee per month.

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