Energy conservation and the electricity market

Energy conservation and the electricity market are very topical issues at the moment. They affect us all, both as private customers and as businesses.

The current high cost of energy is due to the Europe-wide energy crisis resulting from Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. On this page, we have compiled current information about the electricity market, conserving electricity, and Oulun Energia’s role and preparation.

Current information about energy

Energy conservation

By conserving energy and electricity, you can both easily influence what your energy bill is made up of and help the entire energy system to endure in exceptional circumstances.

Energy saving tips

Oulun Energia and the electricity market

The electricity market is now undergoing rapid changes, which have made the price of electricity high. We explain what Oulun Energia’s role as part of the Nordic electricity exchange and power market is.

The electricity market

Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy and preparedness

Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy is prepared for disruptions and extraordinary circumstances by making plans and taking preventative measures.

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District heating and preparedness

District heating is not as strongly impacted by the energy crisis as the electricity market. The security of supply and stable price development of district heating are the result of Oulun Energia’s long-term and sustainable development of operations.

District heating and preparedness

Instructions for power and heating outages

Power and heating outages can sometimes occur. That is why it is important to be prepared for them as well. On this page, we've compiled instructions on how to prepare for long outages and how to act during them.

Preparing for power and heating outages

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about electricity retailers such as Oomi Energia

Preparing for power outages in homes, housing companies, and businesses

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