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Our employee benefits

Oulun Energia offers comprehensive employee benefits. On this page, you will find information about our key benefits.



The aim of rewarding is to encourage and motivate employees to strive for good work performance and to achieve the goals we set together. We have many different methods of rewarding in use.




Comprehensive occupational health services

We support the well-being of our employees by providing extensive occupational health services.



Work-life integration, family-friendliness, and the opportunity to work flexibly

It is important to us that our employees find a good work-life balance. We want to help our employees succeed in their work by enabling flexible working, for example, through a hybrid work model.
We are also a family-friendly employer. Flexible working hours practices also support work-family integration. We support families with paid parental leaves, flexible working hours, and by discussing work-family integration in the work community.

As a modern organisation, we support the well-being of our employees by offering the opportunity for flexible working. We also offer flexibility in working hours, as a large proportion of our employees have flexible time bands.



Holiday bonuses exchanged for leave

Our employees have the opportunity to exchange holiday bonuses for leave.



Lunch benefit

By utilising the lunch benefit, our employees can easily pay for their lunch in any restaurant in the national network while also taking advantage of the lunch benefit. The tax authorities determine the taxable value of the benefit annually.



Cultural, sports, and well-being benefits

With the sports, culture, and well-being benefits, we want to support the health, well-being, commitment, and job satisfaction of our employees.



Bicycle employee benefit

We offer our permanent employees the opportunity to get a company bicycle.



Team discretionary fund

Employees have the opportunity to utilise the team discretionary fund for unrestricted and informal recreation with their own teams.



Milestone birthdays and special occasions

• milestone birthday commemorations
• service commemorations and gifts