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Our culture

Our goal is to be Finland’s most energetic workplace. We want both our work and our workers to be well. We want our work to be meaningful and motivate us to succeed. We want our environment to encourage us to create more and succeed. We want to be a workplace that attracts new talent and offers meaningful challenges to existing workers.

In order to achieve our goals, we must be ready to evolve and do things in a new way, discovering together. The Cultural Handbook sums up the kind of culture we are aspiring to, value, and promote in practice.

The four cornerstones of our culture

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A positive culture of interaction

We recycle good energy—even in our work community. Open, conversational, and other inclusive interaction creates positive energy for the work community.

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Five drawn people think with speech bubbles on their heads, how they could help each other.

Strengthening responsibility

We do what we promise. We propose, innovate, and drive things forward.

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We succeed together

We work as a team and help each other to succeed. We are building a trustworthy and safe environment for our team.

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Four cartoon characters stand on the palm of a person. The text below says "Boldly embracing the future".

Boldly embracing the future

We consider changes to be opportunities, not threats. We dare to try and develop.

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A positive culture of interaction

A positive culture of interaction arises from small daily actions with great impact. Each of our employees plays a significant role in creating an open and interactive working atmosphere together.
We are striving for a culture where ideas and thoughts can thrive. It is based on trust and transparency.

The driving forces of trust and transparency act in a way that respects others and encourages conversation, and an open-minded and constructive—even a curious—attitude towards different views, even if they differ from your own standpoints.

It is also important to recognise the good around you. We celebrate our own successes, and especially those of others, and when we notice a moment to give positive feedback, we don’t miss the opportunity to do so!

The culture of interaction must be shaped in such a way that it is enjoyable to come to work every day—and that everyone feels welcome in the community and feels heard. And remember: You should take work earnestly but not seriously—let’s have fun together! It is more enjoyable for everyone, but also productive and fuels innovation.

Strengthening responsibility

Part of our work community’s DNA is being solution-centric. We take initiative in leading and developing ourselves. We don’t wait for orders, we take action independently. We do what we promise, and we stand by our promises. At the same time, we trust our colleagues’ decisions.

Responsibility is not limited to our own tasks, as we also take responsibility for common matters. We are also not afraid to step forward and share our expertise with the team. Responsibility is more than just knowing how to do the work. It is an attitude that thrives when every employee embraces it as part of the culture of our workplace. Together, we can create a responsible and successful work community!

We succeed together

Changing the world is too big a burden for one person to carry. This is why we believe in teamwork and a culture of shared successes. Great deeds originate in an environment of transparency and trust in which people feel empowered to ask for and offer help.

We succeed together when we are curious about new things. We share knowledge and discuss matters related to work and the work community openly.

We actively take down barriers between people and teams when we listen to each other and, when necessary, train each other to succeed.

We lay the foundation of trust by showing our appreciation for each other with small everyday acts: By listening, preparing, learning, and offering a helping hand.

Above all, we take care of our communality by committing to common goals and by intervening without delay—but caringly—in behaviour that is not in line with our desired culture.

Boldly embracing the future

We want to be pioneers who inspire others with our actions. We act as trailblazers in both in our work community and in the energy sector as a whole. Being a pioneer means daring to dream big and actively seek solutions to challenges.

In a changing world, we cannot rely only on what is familiar and safe. It is important for us to be interested in opportunities and have the courage to do things in a new way. Trying out new modes of operation also requires the courage to tolerate uncertainty: We have to trust that we can find solutions one step at a time and that everything new is not always immediately perfect or functional. Change can still be desirable and necessary.

We need an environment that highlights successes and in which positive feedback is given on the courage to develop and create something new. Each of us must also have the courage to boldly step out of our comfort zones and actively learn something new. There is no need to be too afraid of mistakes, because by experimenting, we are constantly learning and working to improve things.