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The Merikoski dam bridge bed when dry.

Loitering in the Merikoski dam channel is strictly forbidden

30.07.2023 / Last updated 01.08.2023 14:01

We would like to remind people that loitering in the Merikoski dam channel is strictly forbidden. An old channel of the Oulujoki river runs under the dam bridges that is sometimes dry when the dams redirect the water to flow through the power plants. Even if the area, called a flood channel, is dry, it is highly dangerous to spend time there, as when the dam bridge’s gates are opened, the water floods through the gates with enormous pressure.

Flanking the Ainolan puisto park is the Merikoski power plant and the dam bridges, well-known to everyone from Oulu. The dam gates are opened several times each summer. Normally when the alarm sounds, the gates open after a 30-second delay, but in the event of a malfunction, the gates may open immediately. There have been several loiterers in the dam channel early this summer, endangering their safety each time.

We ask everyone to observe the safety instructions and not enter the dam channel. These instructions are for safety of everyone.