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Oulun Energia stops using Russian wood chips

07.03.2022 / Last updated 08.02.2023 13:52

Oulun Energia condemns Russia's actions in Ukraine. As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, Oulu Energia will cease to use Russian wood chips in its energy production and will no longer accept wood chip freights of Russian origin.

There will be no impact on Oulun Energia's district heating production due to the discontinued use of imported wood chips. However, we are actively monitoring the crisis in Ukraine and the geopolitical situation and are prepared for the possibility that the situation will cause a rise in prices and decreased availability of raw materials. Partially replacing imported wood with peat is also possible, if the crisis in Ukraine is prolonged.

Oulun Energia's power plants generate electricity and heat responsibly from local energy sources

We are committed to being a responsible pioneer in tackling global environmental challenges. This means that making responsible choices is a part of our every decision and action. We are adhering to our environmental goals while replacing the chips imported from Russia with domestic fuels.

More than 90% of the energy sources used in Oulun Energia's production are transported to the power plants from within a radius of less than one hundred kilometers. Both district heating and electricity are produced at the Laanila and Toppila power plants, where energy is mainly generated from bio- and wood-based recycled waste. In addition, electricity is produced at domestic water power plants and in domestic wind farms.