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Oulun Energia to begin change negotiations: The long-term cost savings required amounts to approximately 9 million euros

25.04.2024 / Last updated 00:00

Oulun Energia will begin change negotiations to ensure its ability to compete and its profitability and to maintain the competitiveness of its customer prices. The change negotiations will concern Oulun Energia Oy, Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy, Syklo Oy, and Turveruukki Oy.

The change negotiations concern all the personnel in the companies. In total, approximately 260 employees are affected by the change negotiations, and the negotiations may potentially lead to the reorganisation of operations, layoffs, furloughs, or unilateral changes in the essential terms of employment. According to the preliminary estimate, the potential downsizing need is approximately 35 people.

During the change negotiations, we will examine possible measures to improve the capacity to respond to changes in the operating environment, reduce pressure to increase customer prices, and safeguard the companies’ abilities to compete. The companies’ profitability is being challenged by, among other things, increases in fuel prices and other costs, as well as investments in an emission-free energy system. At the moment, the Group is also engaged in strategic work aimed at responding to these challenges and opportunities brought on by the operating environment and the energy transition and transition to the circular economy.

“In order to safeguard our ability to compete, we have to examine possible efficiency measures. We want to examine possible simplification of the organisation and our operating models. With the potential reorganisations, we are aiming to enhance operations and improve productivity, as well as to develop the swiftness, flexibility, and customer experience of our operation,” says Arto Sutinen, managing director at Oulun Energia.