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Our first responsibility report has been published—carbon emissions decreased by 19% and the occupational safety index is at a record high

29.03.2022 / Last updated 00:00

Our 2021 responsibility report brings together our successes and development targets in our three key areas: solving environmental challenges, caring for people, and strengthening regional vitality.

Carbon emissions decreased by 19%

One of the cornerstones of our corporate strategy and responsibility work is our target to reach carbon neutrality by 2035. Rising prices of emissions allowances have accelerated our original plan to phase out peat, and in 2021 the share of peat in the energy sources we use decreased from 37% to 24%.

Replacing peat with fuel wood reduced the carbon dioxide emissions from our energy production by as much as 19% over the year.

Record occupational safety index—98.6%

The continuous improvement of occupational safety is an important part of caring for our people. We monitor the development of occupational safety with the Safety 100 index, which in 2021 was at a record high, at 98.6%, while the target is 100%.

The occupational safety index monitors, for example, days without accidents, the number of safety observations made by employees, and the implementation of accident and incident investigations within the target period. Last year, employees reported their own observations more than 1,500 times.

Security of electricity supply is 99.99%

As an energy company owned by the city, Oulun Energia plays an important role in strengthening regional vitality. Our objective is to provide affordable and responsible district heating to businesses and residents and to keep the security of supply of both electricity and heat high.

In 2021, the security of electricity supply* was 99.99% and district heating supply was 99.96%.

*All down times divided by the hours of the year.