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A heat distribution center in the corner of a room.
A heat distribution center with red, blue, and dark grey elements in a room corner.

Turnkey services for heating substations

Are you about to purchase a heating substation for a new building, replacing an old one or changing the heating method of your house to district heating? The easiest way to do this is with our Turnkey Service.

The heating substation is the heart of a house with district heating—it heats the water circulating in your home's heating network, as well as the domestic hot water. Heating substations usually need to be replaced after 20–25 years.

Our Turnkey Service will design and install your new substation as well as remove old equipment. For example, our service includes:

  • designing and dimensioning the new heating substation according to needs
  • the new heating substation, including all accessories and parts and a differential pressure regulator, if required
  • dismantling and removing the old heating substation
  • installing and tuning the new heating substation
  • final cleaning

When an old heating substation is replaced with a new one, a suitable one can be identified based on existing data. This ensures you do not buy a device that is too efficient and expensive for your heating needs.

The heating substation is the heart of a house with district heating

A house with district heating requires a heating substation to connect the heating system of the house to the district heating network. The heat exchanger of the heating substation transfers thermal energy to the water circulating in the heating network of the house and to domestic hot water.

A heating substation only takes up a little space. A device suitable for use in a detached house measures about one metre high, 60 cm wide, and 40 cm deep. Pipes and their insulation also take up some space, but no separate accumulators are required.

A heating substation requires very little maintenance, making district heating an easy heating method for the user.

Price list

Product Price (VAT 24%)

New locations, incl. installation, starting from

EUR 3,740.00 / quotation

Renovation sites, incl. removal of old equipment and installation of new, starting from

EUR 4,520.00 / quotation

Alterations to the heating system, e.g., changing from oil to district heating

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