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Bring your company's energy management into the present day with our new OE360 service


Do you know how much energy your sites consume? And how much you could save in terms of both money and the environment by monitoring their energy consumption and taking the necessary measures? OE360 is an energy management and sustainability reporting service that can put measurement data at your fingertips and provide you with the tools to continuously improve your energy efficiency. The basic service – Assistant – is available free of charge for our corporate customers.

We have launched a new energy management service to make everyday life easier for our corporate customers. Oulun Energia's OE360 service takes your business to new heights of energy management – the service has been developed and piloted together with our customers and has been based entirely on their needs. OE360 conveniently compiles consumption, cost, and emissions data in one place, in a clear report that reveals potential energy drains and makes it easier to identify necessary energy efficiency measures.

Savings, predictability, and efficiency through energy management

The OE360 service makes the energy consumption of your sites visible, allowing you to plan the necessary measures, set different energy consumption targets, and monitor their realisation. It will also free up time to take measures. The service will help you save money and the environment, as it will show you emission amounts and energy costs. OE360 also helps you to anticipate costs and create a budget based on consumption and cost data.

When sustainability is an important part of your business, the service supports your sustainability strategy and values. You can choose a service package that is tailored to your needs, enabling your company to achieve its energy efficiency goals, from basic consumption monitoring to professional sustainability work.

Free Assistant: consumption monitoring for basic needs

OE360 Assistant is completely free for our corporate customers. It compiles the data on actual energy consumption and changes in consumption in a clear report. Our energy experts will assist you with the implementation of the service.

Assistant includes

  • energy reporting: summary, periodic report, and predictions
  • historical data
  • cost data
  • continuous and real-time emissions reporting.

If Assistant doesn't cover all of your business needs, but you want to track more sites and take advantage of more extensive features, check out our other service packages, as well.

Service packages for your needs

OE360 Master is designed for active energy management: it includes all of Assistant's features, but also includes versatile tools for monitoring consumption deviation alarms, managing procedures and consumption comments, and setting and monitoring targets.

Master enhances your company's energy management by providing more comprehensive reporting features, highlighting the real cost implications of energy efficiency measures, and creating an automated prediction for the current year, among other things. The alarm function allows you to detect consumption deviations and fix problems quickly.

OE360 Chief is a service package created for professional sustainability work. It is the most comprehensive service package and includes not only broader energy management tools, but also the possibility to report and analyse transport fuels and waste. You can also set consumption targets and monitor their realisation.

With Chief's budgeting tool, you can create a budget based on actual consumption and cost data. Using the service, you can also view the energy consumption of each monitored site separately.

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