Energy production

We refine natural resources of the north into electricity and heat. The principal sources of energy used in our power stations are peat, hydroelectric power, waste and biogas.

We use local and regional natural resources whenever possible, utilise them in a way that produces minimum impact to the environment and constantly increase our use of renewable sources of energy.

Power plants

The foundation of our energy production operations is formed by our power stations. They generate Northern Power - backed by our 126 years of solid experience.

Locally and regionally sourced energy

Over 90% of the fuel we use to generate electricity and district heat come from within one hundred kilometres from Oulu.
Sähkön ja lämmön alkuperä

Origins of energy

How the electricity and the heat we sell is produced varies slightly year by year.

Impact on the environment

The principal environmental impacts of energy production are waste and emissions to air and water. Sourcing of fuels may also have impact on nature's diversity.