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Arto Sutinen appointed as the new CEO of Oulun Energia

Arto Sutinen appointed as the new CEO of Oulun Energia

23.08.2023 / Last updated 00:00

Oulun Energia’s board has appointed Arto Sutinen the new CEO of the company as of 1 December 2023. Sutinen comes to Oulun Energia from Savon Voima, where he has been the Group CEO for eight years.

Sutinen has a very strong background in the energy sector and experience in elected positions in several national organisations, including as the chairperson of Finnish Energy and on the boards of Vapo Oy, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Väre Oy and Kymppivoima Oy. He also has experience with Oulun Energia, having previously worked for the company as the CFO and as the CEO of Oulun Energia’s subsidiary.

“Oulun Energia is a diversified and interesting business group with long-standing traditions and eagerness to modernise. I look forward to working with the staff to promote the energy transition and develop the customer experience. It is the company’s goal to be carbon-neutral in 2030, and to meet it we must take a lot of concrete actions in the coming years. I am also very excited to return to my hometown and to have the opportunity to promote the development of Northern Finland through a key energy and circular economy business group,” states Arto Sutinen.

The new CEO will be responsible for a developing, reliable, and responsible company that invests in renewable and cleaner energy production, digitalisation, and a positive employee and customer experience.

“I am very pleased to have Arto back at Oulun Energia to promote the company’s work towards modernisation and preparing for the energy transition that is already well underway. Arto has experience in the company and he is very familiar with the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector,” shares Mika Härkönen, chairperson of Oulun Energia’s board of directors.

After the company’s former CEO Juha Juntunen moves onto new challenges on 21 August 2023, Pertti Vanhala, business director of Oulun Energia’s energy production, will temporarily assume the position of CEO until Sutinen starts his work.