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Three new meters.

Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy to replace customers’ electricity meters with next-generation smart meters

29.06.2023 / Last updated 00:00

Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy to replace customers’ electricity meters with next-generation smart meters between 2023 and 2028.

The new next-generation smart meters will benefit both the energy network operator and its customers. Going forward, energy consumption will be measured in 15-minute blocks instead of the current 60-minute blocks. The smart meter meets all the requirements of the new Government decree on the metering of electricity supply, and it provides the energy network operator with extensive features for monitoring electricity quality. With the introduction of the smart meter, the current data transfer system will be replaced with reliable and cost-effective mobile IoT technology.

The smart meters will provide customers of Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy with access to more accurate and timely data on their energy consumption than before. Customers can monitor their electricity consumption through Oulun Energia’s updated mobile application, which can be downloaded from app stores and the Datahub Customer Portal. The smart meter can also be connected to a home automation system. Replacing the meters will be free of charge to customers.

New smart meters to be installed in partnership with Eltel Networks Oy

The first batch of meters will be replaced in autumn 2023. The objective is to replace roughly 6,000 meters by the end of the year. Every customer of Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy will have a new smart meter at the latest by the end of 2028.

Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy has commissioned Eltel Networks Oy to install the smart meters. Technicians commissioned by Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy will drive vans featuring the logos of both Eltel and Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy and they will be carrying cards as proof of identification. Meters will be replaced one area at a time and Elter will contact customers well in advance of when the work to replace meters in their area is about to start to give them more information about the process of replacing the meter and the short outages the switch will cause. In all new build properties, new smart meters will be installed by Destia Oy, Oulun Energian Sähköverkko Oy's network construction partner.

About 10,000 current electricity meters can be programmed remotely to record energy consumption in 15-minute blocks during summer 2023. However, the oldest of these meters will be replaced with smart meters towards the end of the replacement process to allow the use of all of the new features required by the new Decree on the metering of electricity supply.

For more information about the next-generation smart meters and a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers, please visit next-generation smart meters.