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Oulun Energia offers free admission into swimming halls on Kauko's name day, 3rd of March

25.02.2022 / Last updated 00:00

On Thursday, the 3rd of March, Oulun Energia offers free entry into the swimming halls of Raksila, Raatti and Vesi-Jatuli. Kauko's name day has become a day for many district heating companies to organise different kinds of events, and this is the third time Oulun Energia is organizing something special for the day. By organizing the event Oulun Energia wants to foster local well-being and promote local know-how in the energy industry.

“Oulun Energia is an energy company of the Oulu residents. In addition to the corporate responsibility work we do for the environment and to sustain local vitality; work is also done to support the well-being of local residents. By providing a free entry to the swimming halls, we hope to activate Oulu residents and create joy”, says the marketing manager of Oulun Energia, Linda Webster.

On the day of the event, swimmers can get keycards for the lockers at the swimming halls, provided by Oulun Energia.

Responsibility work is done ambitiously in Oulun Energia's energy production, as we aim to be fully carbon neutral by the year 2035.

“In district heat production, the carbon footprint of production is decreased increasingly in the future by utilising waste heat and leftover heat of different properties along the district heating network. Our customers can already opt for entirely carbon neutral district heat as their source of heating” describes Maunu Laikari, the sales manager of Oulun Energia heating services.

The city of Oulu's Sports and recreation services provides the swimming halls as the premises for the event.

“It is fantastic that Oulun Energia wants to promote sports among the city residents by providing free entry to the swimming halls. The event is organised for the third time and it has been a positive surprise for our customers” tells Niina Epäilys, the director of sports services in the city of Oulu.

The hygiene and health directions of the city of Oulu are followed during the swimming event. Please mind the safety distance and the mask recommendation. Please come swimming only when you're healthy!

Free admission to following swimming halls during the opening hours:

  • Raatti swimming hall, Raatintie 2, Oulu, from 6.15 am to 10.45 pm
  • Oulu swimming hall (Raksila), Pikkukankaantie 3, Oulu, from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • Vesi-Jatuli swimming hall, Jokelantie 20, Haukipudas, from 6.15 am to 9.00 pm