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Information for customers of Fi-Nergy Voima Oy, Fi-Nergy Voima OÜ, and 365 Hankinta Oy in the Oulu region

29.12.2021 / Last updated 28.01.2022 14:41

This news item contains important information for customers of Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy who have an electricity sales contract with Fi-Nergy Voima Oy, Fi-Nergy Voima OÜ, or 365 Hankinta Oy. The Energy Authority has announced that Fi-Nergy Voima Oy, Fi-Nergy Voima OÜ, and 365 Hankinta Oy will cease their operations, and their customers' electricity sales contracts will expire.

The supply of electricity will continue for a period

The system operator must notify the customer three weeks before the interruption of electricity distribution due to the seller. We at Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy are in direct contact with the customers affected by the situation. Our customers do not need to worry that their electricity will be cut off unexpectedly at the end of the electricity contract. We will continue to deliver electricity to our customers normally during this period.

However, all customers of these companies are encouraged to find a new electricity seller and sign a new electricity contract as soon as possible. Information on the electricity offers of different sellers is available on the service maintained by the Energy Authority at www.sahkonhinta.fi.

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